Heroes: Rising Up for Good

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 5:00 PM

Rising Up For Good Campaign is in Place of End of Season Concert!

At the End of Season Virtual Event, Unity Performing Arts Foundation will be highlighting stories from people within our organization; those who are still doing good work in this community. This event has occurred due to the recent pandemic event.

Lined up for this event: UNITY ZOOM Choir, Alumni Testimonials, LIVE Performances, and Student Testimonials, plus learn about our upcoming summer activities and our upcoming fall schedule! You don’t want to miss this event and you can do it right from your own home.

  • Experience and watch the Voices of Unity’s greatest concert hits – from Michael Jackson to Gospel music!
  • Hear the incredible stories of heroes in our community and organization!
  • Enjoy a great virtual event, while raising money for the Voices of Unity

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

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The Voices of Unity Youth Choir is a very positive and empowering environment. The leadership, volunteers, and members encourage me to strive to be a professional young adult. Mr. White shares life lessons which I take and apply to my own life. The relationships I’ve made with the Voices of Unity have become an extension of my family. I love the Voices of Unity!

Hannah MossburgUNITY Member, 2018-present

Out of everything I have learned in UNITY, and through Marshall White, the number one thing I am asked is what have you been taught that stuck with you the most? “Be a light, not a star.” I try to live by this, and I believe it describes me and my life through UNITY. You should never do things for attention or glory. Stars look to be shined on and take the spotlight, but lights shine not for the attention but rather to lead the way. I truly hope my testimony leads someone to either consider investing themselves or their resources into the future leaders of tomorrow.

David Alvarez

The Voices of Unity

The World Champion Voices of Unity Youth Choir (VOUYC) is Unity Performing Arts Foundation’s acclaimed Youth Choral Program, under the direction of Marshall White. It is our premier soulful choral group comprised of youth ages 7 to 20 from various backgrounds in the Fort Wayne community and beyond. The program’s goal is to equip, educate, and empower youth to excel in the world before them.

The students are exposed to an educational environment where they learn, study and perform mainstream soulful music styles such as; jazz, spirituals, gospel, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, pop, and country.


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