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August 2020

Be Stable & Don’t Give Up

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There is nothing more dangerous, especially during a crisis than a double-minded and unstable leader. The heavy load of a crisis can affect almost every aspect of your life and sometimes put you in positions where you feel like throwing in the towel. My friends, remember the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to them who endure to the end.

In Times Like These, what you are made of, will come forth. If you are unstable and shaky, a crisis will ultimately break you apart; however, if you are secure, sure, and assured, nothing will be able to move your commitment or distract your attention. Until one is committed, there will always be a hesitancy to draw back, which produces ineffective results.

Whatever you are feeling now, if it’s not encouraging you to be steadfast and stand your ground, you need to quickly dismiss that feeling. I encourage you not to grow weary in doing good and producing good, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you DO NOT GIVE UP!

Evil Is Recruiting & Looking For New Prospects

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Some people may describe evil as chaotic and unorganized; I beg to differ. Evil is very much organized, structured, and running an operation in good standing. Evil has recruited a great list of influential and uninfluential prospects on his roster. He has politicians, educators, the rich, the well-off, the poor, judges, police officers, attorneys, athletes, entertainers, business owners, world leaders, corporate leaders, religious leaders, community leaders, financial experts, healthcare workers, young people, the list goes on and on.

In times like these, beware of evil’s most destructive weapons of attraction, deception, control, and power. These weapons can take the most unassuming and intelligent human mind and change its ability to distinguish between right and wrong or true and false. Once this occurs, that person completely loses their ability to accept, understand, or embrace reality. Deception deflects reality, while control restrains reality, and power oppresses reality.

However, NONE of these weapons can function in the presence of TRUTH. I encourage you to surround yourself with people who can discern the truth and have the wisdom to distinguish right from wrong. Filter who you hang around, what you listen to, what you read and what you watch, and keep yourself accountable to someone who will challenge your mindset and keep you in check. Finally, be kind and treat people with dignity and respect, and together we can produce more GOOD in the world.

Only The Strong & Prepared Will Survive

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Living a life on the edge in an ordinary sense can become a disaster in a severe crisis. What we do with ourselves and for ourselves during the days of sunshine will ultimately be tested during a stormy season. Preparation is essential to overcoming an unexpected crisis. In this life, you will be faced with the unannounced presence of surprise, and if you are properly equipped and conditioned, you will be able to overcome anything.

IN TIMES LIKE THESE: Be very careful who and what you invest your trust into, jobs, money, businesses, churches, education, associates, politics, family, friends, success, etc. The question is, can these things intrinsically secure and protect you from the unexpected? No, because all of these things are unpredictable and extremely unstable. You need an anchor that can withstand any form of calamity and keep you secure even when things and people disappear. Your preparation will determine your survival, so be sure that your anchor holds and grips the SOLID ROCK. Trust not in yourself but in the creator of all things and let him give you the wisdom to prepare for whatever you may face in life. I implore you to AWAKEN and prepare yourself for what’s coming.

Matthew 7:24-27 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

Anxiety, Fear, & Stress Become Silent Rulers

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The presence of chaos can automatically intensify our levels of anxiety, fear, and stress. Over the years I have found that understanding these harmful enemies helps give me the upper hand on dealing with them. I’ve given them distinct identities: anxiety is the mother of worry; fear is the father of the unknown, and stress is the enemy of order.

I believe our most significant error in dealing with these three forces is that we think they can be conquered by human effort. IN TIMES LIKE THESE, we need someone higher than ourselves to overcome these dangerous silent rulers.

I’m reminded of a passage in 1Peter 5:6-7: “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

Friends, we can’t conquer them alone. We must learn to manage the influence they can have on us. I encourage you to fight with your will, heart, and soul, and when you feel weak, call for reinforcement and cast them over to God to conquer. Remember, in times of trouble, HE CARES FOR YOU! May God’s Comforting Hand Be With You.

The Army of CHANGE is Deployed

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As seasons reach their end, change is deployed to remove and replace, however when comfort is the order of the day, it tends to shun the very presence and thought of change. You see, change was naturally inserted into the creation of every living and the non-living things made by the Creator. In some instances, change is only embraced through the presence of a crisis. Why? Because of a strong will against change.

In times like these: When the oppressed begin to cry out, evil systems and regimes start shaking, and as the oppressed people continue to cry out louder and longer, the army of change is deployed from the universe, and soon evil systems and regimes crumble. Change doesn’t happen by the hand of man; the voice of the oppressed beckons it. God’s not dead; my sweet mother used to say, all the time when I was a little boy, and boy, was she right. When God deploys his army of change, nothing on earth can stop them. To everyone who is in the way of destiny, change will move YOU and replace YOU. So, you have two ways to embrace change, either willingly or by force, I encourage you to embrace change so that you are not caught fighting destiny. There will come a time when the oppressed are no longer oppressed, and chaos will yield to order, and conflict will submit to peace because Everything Must Change. Be An Agent of Change.

We Need Music In The Air

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“Over my head, I hear music in the air; there must be a God somewhere.” The music of this Negro Spiritual plays a sweet sound of hope in the ears of those who are and have been awakened to the presence of hate and evil in the world. Being alert to injustice and aware of inequality makes you now responsibly informed to act on ridding our society of these two cancers.

The music I hear in the air is refreshing, rejuvenating, and inspiring to all of us who see and believe that every human deserves the right to be respected and given a fair opportunity to grow and add value to this wonderfully created world.

IN TIMES LIKE THESE, we need the music of peace, the music of equality, the music of joy, and the music of justice to ring out in the air so loud that everyone who hears it can be healed by it. The power of music that heals humanity is not created by man but given to man by God to perform. Those of you who are on the side of peace, I implore you, don’t fret, and don’t you give up the fight, because good will ALWAYS conquer evil. The battle might get rough while we fight, and some might get hurt or even killed, but good WILL win! So my sisters and brothers, what healing music do you know that will fill the air with hope? Please share it with us in the comments! Shine the light of understanding, and rest in the peace of God.

Real People & True Friends Are Essential

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As we watch darkness thicken, and experience evil, piercing through the darkness of a pandemic in the form of racism, it sickens your heart to the core. Since the beginning of man on the earth, the battle between good and evil, true and false, real and fake, has been competing for the attention of humanity.

IN TIMES LIKE THESE: Real people and true friends are essential. Real people have a clear view of goodness and kindness, regardless of race, political affiliation, nationality, gender, religion, or economic class. They see people as humans, and they value and cherish their relationships. In this life, if you are blessed to connect with someone and gain a true friend, that is the most extraordinary expression of light. The ripple-effect of true friendship is strong enough to dissipate darkness and ease the pain of evil. Who are the real people and true friends in your life? I ask you to stop right now and call them, send them a post or send them a letter, and let them know how much they mean to you. No power on the earth can destroy the impact of evil like LOVE.


Our Priorities Are Realigned

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What is the most overused phrase in our world today? “I’M BUSY.”

We conjure up a litany of things to justify we’re busy. Yet, we can’t return calls and emails or meet deadlines, and worst of all, we can’t make time for the things that matter the most, family members, friends, and meaningful relationships. This is what being “busy” does to all of us; it robs us from experiencing meaningful moments in our lives.

IN TIMES LIKE THESE, crisis gets our attention and forces us to make some needed changes in our so-called busy life. However, being productively active vs. being busy helps us to value what’s essential and what creates real impact.

I challenge you to take inventory of your life and evaluate the order of your priorities. Why don’t I have enough time? What is truly important to me? Who needs my attention? Questions like these begin the process of making the necessary changes to bring your life back into alignment. Feel free to comment below!

Our Purpose In Life Is Put Back Into Focus

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Purpose discovered early tends to get lost within the cares of life because of a preoccupied focus. Your purpose includes you, but it’s not about you, it’s for others. However, accomplishments such as position, power, prosperity, and popularity all work jointly in harmony to hi-jack your purpose and cloud your focus.

But, you have to respect the power of crisis. It brings pain, yes, but IN TIMES LIKE THESE it also brings balance and alignment.

A crisis has an interesting way of reconnecting us back to what is truly important, aligning us once again, to our initial knowledge of our purpose on earth.

In a crisis, the “stuff” of life is slowly removed from our sight and our concentration begins to pierce through the clouds of distraction to a clear path to focus.

I encourage you this day, and this moment, to refocus and re-establish your purpose in life. Be blessed!