Our Priorities Are Realigned

What is the most overused phrase in our world today? “I’M BUSY.”

We conjure up a litany of things to justify we’re busy. Yet, we can’t return calls and emails or meet deadlines, and worst of all, we can’t make time for the things that matter the most, family members, friends, and meaningful relationships. This is what being “busy” does to all of us; it robs us from experiencing meaningful moments in our lives.

IN TIMES LIKE THESE, crisis gets our attention and forces us to make some needed changes in our so-called busy life. However, being productively active vs. being busy helps us to value what’s essential and what creates real impact.

I challenge you to take inventory of your life and evaluate the order of your priorities. Why don’t I have enough time? What is truly important to me? Who needs my attention? Questions like these begin the process of making the necessary changes to bring your life back into alignment. Feel free to comment below!

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