Our Purpose In Life Is Put Back Into Focus

Purpose discovered early tends to get lost within the cares of life because of a preoccupied focus. Your purpose includes you, but it’s not about you, it’s for others. However, accomplishments such as position, power, prosperity, and popularity all work jointly in harmony to hi-jack your purpose and cloud your focus.

But, you have to respect the power of crisis. It brings pain, yes, but IN TIMES LIKE THESE it also brings balance and alignment.

A crisis has an interesting way of reconnecting us back to what is truly important, aligning us once again, to our initial knowledge of our purpose on earth.

In a crisis, the “stuff” of life is slowly removed from our sight and our concentration begins to pierce through the clouds of distraction to a clear path to focus.

I encourage you this day, and this moment, to refocus and re-establish your purpose in life. Be blessed!

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