Real People & True Friends Are Essential

As we watch darkness thicken, and experience evil, piercing through the darkness of a pandemic in the form of racism, it sickens your heart to the core. Since the beginning of man on the earth, the battle between good and evil, true and false, real and fake, has been competing for the attention of humanity.

IN TIMES LIKE THESE: Real people and true friends are essential. Real people have a clear view of goodness and kindness, regardless of race, political affiliation, nationality, gender, religion, or economic class. They see people as humans, and they value and cherish their relationships. In this life, if you are blessed to connect with someone and gain a true friend, that is the most extraordinary expression of light. The ripple-effect of true friendship is strong enough to dissipate darkness and ease the pain of evil. Who are the real people and true friends in your life? I ask you to stop right now and call them, send them a post or send them a letter, and let them know how much they mean to you. No power on the earth can destroy the impact of evil like LOVE.


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