The Army of CHANGE is Deployed

As seasons reach their end, change is deployed to remove and replace, however when comfort is the order of the day, it tends to shun the very presence and thought of change. You see, change was naturally inserted into the creation of every living and the non-living things made by the Creator. In some instances, change is only embraced through the presence of a crisis. Why? Because of a strong will against change.

In times like these: When the oppressed begin to cry out, evil systems and regimes start shaking, and as the oppressed people continue to cry out louder and longer, the army of change is deployed from the universe, and soon evil systems and regimes crumble. Change doesn’t happen by the hand of man; the voice of the oppressed beckons it. God’s not dead; my sweet mother used to say, all the time when I was a little boy, and boy, was she right. When God deploys his army of change, nothing on earth can stop them. To everyone who is in the way of destiny, change will move YOU and replace YOU. So, you have two ways to embrace change, either willingly or by force, I encourage you to embrace change so that you are not caught fighting destiny. There will come a time when the oppressed are no longer oppressed, and chaos will yield to order, and conflict will submit to peace because Everything Must Change. Be An Agent of Change.

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