We Need Music In The Air

“Over my head, I hear music in the air; there must be a God somewhere.” The music of this Negro Spiritual plays a sweet sound of hope in the ears of those who are and have been awakened to the presence of hate and evil in the world. Being alert to injustice and aware of inequality makes you now responsibly informed to act on ridding our society of these two cancers.

The music I hear in the air is refreshing, rejuvenating, and inspiring to all of us who see and believe that every human deserves the right to be respected and given a fair opportunity to grow and add value to this wonderfully created world.

IN TIMES LIKE THESE, we need the music of peace, the music of equality, the music of joy, and the music of justice to ring out in the air so loud that everyone who hears it can be healed by it. The power of music that heals humanity is not created by man but given to man by God to perform. Those of you who are on the side of peace, I implore you, don’t fret, and don’t you give up the fight, because good will ALWAYS conquer evil. The battle might get rough while we fight, and some might get hurt or even killed, but good WILL win! So my sisters and brothers, what healing music do you know that will fill the air with hope? Please share it with us in the comments! Shine the light of understanding, and rest in the peace of God.

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